Some Memorandums of Understanding signed between SAMT and foreign universities and institutions:
 Memorandums of Understanding
1. Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan
2. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq
3. Balkh University of Afghanistan
4. Education and Training University of Afghanistan
5. Pohenton University of Balkh, Afghanistan
6. Asian and African Studies Academy of Moscow State University
7. Nangarhar University of Afghanistan
8. Khazar University of Azerbaijan
9. Islamic Science College of London
10. Damascus University of Syria
11. Al-Baath University of Syria
12. Tishreen University of Syria
13. Tajik State National University
14. Tajik Academy of Sciences; Institute of Philosophy
15. University of Aleppo of Syria
16. Arab Authors Union
17. Russian Academy of Science; Institute of Oriental Studies
18. Biblio-Globus Publications of Russia
19. German Institute of Humanities and Islamic Studies
20. Persian Culture and Civilization Center in Germany

21. Yunan University of China

22. Aligarh Muslim University in India

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