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SAMT published 2000 books


The ceremony of unveiling 2000th book of SAMT’s books entitled “Tracing the Development of the Economic Thoughts of Muslim Thinkers” and also SAMT eBook Reader application was held in conference hall of SAMT on November 2, 2016.

The event was attended by Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi, The president of SAMT, Hojatol Islam Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri, The Head of Inspector Office of the Supreme Leader, Dr. Mohammad Farhadi, The Minister of Science, Research and Technology, Dr. Mohammadreza Mokhber Dezfouli,The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution and a large number of scientific and cultural officials as well as prominent scholar and authors.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Mohammad Farhadi said publishing 2000 books by SAMT is a clear evidence of the effort, support and tact of a group of noble and humble activist in the field of the Humanities. Establishment of SAMT organization is originated from the prospective and cultural ideas of Imam Khomeini (RAH) and it is in fact a response to public request.

Hojatol Islam Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri in his speech declared that although publishing 2000 books by SAMT is a great work, the high quality of the contents of the books is more valuable. SAMT’s international activities are the best way to present our culture and ideology. We hope translating SAMT’s books in different languages pave the way for exporting Islamic Revolution of Iran to all over the world.

Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi referred to SAMT’s international activities and said the major portion of Afghanistan’s university textbooks are produced by SAMT. So far SAMT has published 20 books for Russian students majoring in Persian language. Moreover, Lebanon and Iraq are among other audiences of SAMT’s books.

Mohammadreza Yousefi Sheikh Robat, the author of 2000th book of SAMT’s books and the faculty member of Mofid University made speech and mentioned that the book “Tracing the Development of the Economic Thoughts of Muslim Thinkers” is a collection of Muslim philosophers’ knowledge in Economics.

15:23 - 06/11/2016

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