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SAMT’s Agency was opened in Kabul

The  ceremony of opening SAMT’s Agency in Afghanistan was held on November 13, 2016 in Kabul. Reading the message of SAMT Organization’s President, Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi was the intial part of the ceremony. The event was attended by the eminent scientific, cultural, academic and political individuals of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as SAMT organization’s officials and the counselor of Islamic Republic of Iran in Afghanistan. Sorour Sa’adat, the international publishing house of Afghanistan will be the representative of SAMT organization in Afghanistan.

Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi in his message expressed his pleasure about the opening of SAMT organization’s agency in Afghanistan, referred to the SAMT’s diverse cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan and its universities and declared that Afghanistan has a rich cultural history the examples of which are the great poets like Sanaaei, Jami. We hope the people of Afghanistan with the same intelligence and bias follow the same movement to help the extension of Islamic sciences and the Humanities all over the Afghanistan. We also hope to expand such relations.

Sorour Sa’adat, the head of Sa’adat permanent book exhibition in Afghanistan expressed his thankfulness to SAMT’s officials and mentioned opening exclusive agency of SAMT in Afghanistan is so useful for the students and scholars of both countries. Iranian scholars and authors’ books having a major role in scientific and research arena can help our students effectively.


12:19 - 16/11/2016

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