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SAMT participated in the 17th Research, Technology and Techno-Market Exhibition

17th Research, Technology and Techno-Market exhibition organized by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology was held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground during the Research week (December 14-18, 2016).
The Organization for Researching and Composing University Textbooks in the Humanities (SAMT) presented its basic textbooks prepared through research proposal , its joint international works namely the books on teaching Persian language and literature for the foreign Persian language learners, published books for the universities of Afghanistan as well as the books translated into diverse languages such as English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Azeri and Urdu in the exhibition.
Besides the original copies of the books, the electronic versions of SAMT’s published books through the SAMT’s eBook Reader (SAMTA) were presented in the exhibition. The visitors of SAMT’s booth including students, researchers and professors received the application and the SAMT’s eBooks via Bluetooth during their visit.
Dr. Farhadi, the Minister for Science, Research and Technology and Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, the Deputy for Research of the MSRT visited SAMT’s booth and became acquainted with SAMT’s recent achievements especially in electronic publishing arena.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Farhadi in his speech referred to SAMT’s activities in eBook publishing.

14:29 - 20/12/2016

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