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A History of Iranian Art in the Islamic Era: Architectural Ornamentations

Author: Mehdi Makinejad
Number of Pages: 276
Second Print: 2009 Published: 2008

This book is the second volume of the national research project titled A History of the Iranian Art in the Islamic Era.

The arts related to architecture which are collectively called ornamentation have an undeniably considerable role in imparting identity to our architecture.

In an historical overview of ornamentation there are some noteworthy points to be taken into account: first there is the gradual and historical evolution of ornamentation which reveals the connection of the practices of the previous ages. The second point is the engraving of historical information such as the names of the experts, architects and the creators in the ornamental elements of a work like tile-work and plaster-molding. The third point is the manifestation and reflection of symbols, myths and etc. in the ornamentations which exposes a part of the visual culture of each period.

Ornamentation in the Islamic architecture is of two major characteristics: one is the covering of uneven and harsh surfaces with resilient and suitable materials, and the other is the aesthetic quality and the significance of ornamental designs. To comprehend the aesthetic aspects of these elements, one needs to be familiar with the visual codes and symbols of the Islamic culture.

The book is in two parts and six chapters. In the first part historical, visual and conceptual changes of Ornamental designsare studied. In this part the historical evolution of the ornamental designs; classification of the ornamental designs; the conceptual evolution of the ornamental designs; and the necessary elements in the course of architectural ornamentations are discussed. The second part is dedicated to Various Designs in the architecture of the Islamic Periodlike tile-work, plaster-molding, brick and stone.

The book has colorful pictures.

References come at the end of the book.

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