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A History of Persian Painting from its Inception to the Present

Author: Morteza Gudarzi (Dibaj), PhD
Number of Pages: 308
Third Print: 2013 Published: 2005

This book depicts the trajectory of painting that some of its parts are similar to its western counterpart and in some cases that are especially in the last sixty years is different from the west.

Iranians have shown different reactions to the socio-political and consequently cultural-artistic transformations perpetuated by the migrants and invaders; the Iranian art and culture reacted vehemently to the invading Greeks in the fourth century BC; the invasion of Arabs in the seventh century AD and that of Mongols in the thirteenth century AD and finally has managed to absorb the culture and art of the invading nations into itself.

Although non-Iranian cultures had significant influences on the art and culture of this country, Iranian art still maintains a unique voice. Although Iranian artists were mostly mystics from especially the Achaemenian period, they have shown their interests in the material world without losing the trace of beauty in simplicity.

The book is in seven chapters introducing the following topics: Iran in the course of history; the Saljuqids and the Ilkhanidsart, the Timuridsart, the Safavidsart, the Afsharidsart, the Zandis and the Qajarids, the Pahlavidsart, and the post-revolutionary art.

There are colorful as well as black and white images in the book.

The closing part of the book contains lists of sources and images.

This book is compiled for the BA students of art (painting) as a textbook for the course a general history of painting 3.

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