Book Code: 183 / Major: Management ,

Human Resources Management

Author: Esfandiar Sa’adat, PhD
Number of Pages: 360
Seventeenth Print: 2012 Published: 1996

Management of human resources deals with policies and actions required to implement just that part of management responsibilities which is directly connected to the employeesactivities.

These activities mainly refer to, among others, finding job applicants, training employees, assessing employee efficiency, donating bonus, and creating a sensible and fair environment for the employees. Management of employee affairs is as old as the management science itself, but with the passage of time it has gradually evolved and developed. There was a turning point in this developmental process when the employee management developed into the management of human resources. While enjoying the basic concepts of employee management, the human resources management entails more general and modern ways of managing the human force. The contents of the book are presented in 12 chapters, within which, the nature of human resources management, the history of its origin, job analysis, human force planning process, recruiting process, sorting process, socializing process, employee training process, operation assessment, bonus donation system, salary and wage management, and disciplines, i.e. reforming the employeesmisbehavior are raised.

At the end of each chapter, some questions are provided for self-assessment and the related references are presented. The book also consists of tables and charts.

The final section of the book is devoted to foreign references.

This book is compiled for students of Human Resources Management as the main textbook for human resources managementcourse.

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