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Author: Ezatullah Ezzati, PhD
Number of Pages: 212
Ninth Print: 2012 Published: 1992

In geopolitics which is related to the politics of the Earth and its surface the role of geographical elements in the politics of nations is discussed. The role of each nation is not solely dependent upon the interests, opinions and beliefs of the executives and leaders of that nation. In other words, they are not so much free when deciding the political methods. That is, there are  factors and special situations which are beyond the pretended aegis of the politicians and aspirations of foreign ministers which deeply affects their foreign affairs with any other nation.

Geopolitics is a complex collection of differing and conflicting forces located in smaller lands that are relentlessly confronting the natives. The aim of such conflicts is either to prove political supremacy or to beat the rivals off the political stage.

The content of the present book is organized in five chapters. In these chapters the author attempts to trace the roots of twenty centuries of geopolitics, decisive factors in geopolitics, the geopolitical characteristics of the Commonwealth, geopolitical characteristics of the United States of America, and geopolitical characteristics of the Islamic World.

The book has tables and maps.

There is a list of Latin references and specialized bibliography at the back of the book.

This book is compiled for the students of political geography for a course in Geopolitics; Concepts and Theories.

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