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A History of Ancient Iran (2): from the Arrival of the Aryans to the End of the Achaemenian Period

Author: Shirin Bayani, PhD
Number of Pages: 248
Seventh Print: 2012 Published:2002

The present book is a research on a period of two thousand years in Iran which is of great significance. During this time, Iran went through three phases: The first phase is the age of transition from the ancient (pre-historic) era, which included the experience of civil life and the formation of early governments. The second phase, is demarcated by the entrance of the Aryans from the far northern and north-eastern reaches of the Iranian Plateau into it, leaving behind the ancient era and the inauguration of a new age by the establishment of the first Aryan governments. It was in this age that for the first time in history, an oriental government penetrated the occident and advanced to Athens, heart of Greece. The third phase is the conquest of Iran and the downfall of the Achaemenian dynasty by Alexander the Great and the victory of the Greeks over Persians.

In this work an attempt has been made to girdle the ups and downs of a history over a span of two thousand years in the short space of a book.

The book is in five chapters: the study the emigration of the Aryans to Iran; Medians, the founder of the first Aryan rule; The Achaemenian dynasty (327-559 AD); the official, economic and social structure of the Achaemenian period; and the cultural and civic organizations of the Achaemenians.

The ending part of the book includes Latin list of the sources.

The present book is compiled for the BA students of history as a textbook for the course in “a history of Iran from the Elamite period to the end of the Achaemenians”.

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