Book Code: 911 / Major: Persian Language ,

Ancient Letter, Editing and Explaining Firdausi’s Shahnameh (vol. 5): from the Story of Bijan and Manijeh to the Rise of Lohrasb Kingship

Author: Mir Jalaliddin Kazzazi, PhD
Number of Pages: 988
Fourth Print: 2014 Published: 2005

This piece is the fifth book of a ten volume work which covers the issues of editorship and explanation of Shahnameh from its early versions to its culmination. In this volume, a complete editorship and explanation starts from the Story of Bijan and Manijeh to the Rise of Lohrasb Kingship. To discuss and explain the verses and the stories, different views such as lexicology, etymology, morphology, mythology, symbology, stylistics and aesthetics are employed. In the part on aesthetics the verses are studied from three perspectives of rhetoric, eloquence and semantics. In the part on stylistics, the historical transformation of language is focused on. In the part on etymology the origin and history of words are studied and their Pahlavid form is more or less presented.

There is explanation on the verses, a glossary of words, and a glossary of etymologies at the back of the book.

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