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Islamic Scholars’ Views on Education and Upbringing and its Principles (vol. 1)

Author: The research unit of Howzah and university
Number of Pages: 316
Fourth Print: 2013 Published: 1998

Education and upbringing is a branch of knowledge which creates a dynamic miscellaneous mixture seeking cohesion that makes use of psychology, sociology and cultural, religious and philosophic data, and it is based on science and philosophy. Every school of thought concerning upbringing leans on a number of cultural, religious or philosophic believes and is influenced by scientific judgments. Thus in studying the educational sphere of our ancestors we face an extensive field.

The book is in six parts and nineteen chapters. The first chapter addresses the ideas of Jahiz about human beings; recognition; and finally morality and education. The second chapter covers Ibn Sahnun’s ideas. In the third chapter Al-Farabi’s ideas on cosmology; homology; understanding; morality; knowledge, education and upbringing are put forward. The fourth chapter discusses Ghabesi’s ideas. The fifth chapter deals with Ikhvan Al-Safa’ ideas on the issues of: religion and philosophy; human being; understanding; and morality, education and upbringing. In the sixth chapter the ideas of Avicenna on human beings; understanding; and morality, education and upbringing are covered.

The sources are appended at the end of each chapter. This book is compiled for the students of educational sciences.

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