Book Code: 458 / Major: Educational Sciences ,

The Principles of Educational Programming

Author: Bahram Mohsenpour, PhD
Number of Pages: 184
Eleventh Print: 2014 Published: 2000

Educational programming with its new import is a branch of Educational Sciences from whose origination a century has passed. This new science has been so widely functional in the domain of education in last few decades that it is now an indispensible part of the official educational management.

Programming, on the one hand, assists the executives of educational systems in running and reforming the educational system and, on the other, presents methods and patterns for the expansion of the Education in order to supply the required human resources.

In educational programming, education has been tied to economics, sociology, demography, statistics, psychology, management, etc and thus has fashioned an interdisciplinary field of study whose application can help the establishment of an effective and functional Education.

The content of this book is divided into six chapters in which, firstly, an introductory notes on education and its types, literature review of lesson planning and educational programming in Iran, the concept of lesson planning, the concept of educational programming, different types of educational programming such as instructive and imperative programming, etc are discussed.

Then, the levels of educational programming, small-scale educational programming, bases and principles of educational programming, large-scale approaches in educational programming and the patterns of educational programming are studied.

The book has tables and graphs. There are bibliography and exam practices for self-assessment at the closing part of each chapter.

Glossary, indexes of names and terms are at the back of the book. The present book has been written for the students of Educational Sciences as primary textbook for the course “Educational Programming”.

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