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Educational Skills (Teaching Methods and Skills)

Author: Hassan Sha’bani, PhD.
Number of Pages: 424
Ninth Print: 2014 Published: 2003

Education and training today has a different meaning from past. Revolution in science and technology has made the transformation of the educational process inevitable. Nowadays, it is impossible to take a traditional stance to the issue of students and their education. The modern educational systems should train forces competent in the comprehension of the complex world and inventive in its management and also logical in their behavior.

One of the most required renovations in the educational system is transformation in the attitude and teaching methods of the teachers and the executives in charge of the educational system. To achieve this goal, teachers should be equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of teaching theories and methodologies. It is because inventive theories of teaching undergo positive transitions and acquire identity by the correct use of teaching-learning methods, and their usefulness and functionality is proved in this way.

The book is in four parts and eight chapters. In the first part under the title of “Theoretical Principles of Teaching”, the function and characteristics of each theory is discussed. The second part is about “Educational Programming”. In this part the sources used for programming and the process of organizing and analyzing a program are explained. The third part addresses the question of “implementation (Running the programs)”. Direct and indirect teaching, interactive teaching and question-centered teaching are among the topics in this part. In the fourth part, “Evaluating the Results of Educational Endeavors”, assessment of educational progress is discussed. 

There are tables and images in the book. At the end of each chapter some questions for selfassessment are inserted.

There are Latin references and a Farsi-English glossary at the back of the book.

The present book is compiled for the students of Educational Sciences as a textbook for the course “Teaching Methodologies and Skills”.

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