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Guiding and Consulting Children (Conceptions and Functions)

Author: Abdullah Shafi’e abadi, PhD.
Number of Pages: 136
Nineteenth Print: 2013 Published: 1993

Children are a worthy resource which shapes the future of a society. Education and training in childhood-which is the time to develop character traits and form certain habits and prevent prospective faults -institutes the future of the individual and the society, and determines the progress trajectory of a nation. Attention to the problems and issues concerning children results in the growth of the country and neglect of their needs leads to irretrievable loss. Hence investment in and programming elementary levels is one of the heaviest duties of officials in charge and should be prioritized.

The aim of this book is to familiarize the reader with characteristics of childhood, the ways to understand children, to set up correct relations with them, to work with them and finally to solve their problems. To better achieve this goal the book is divided into six chapters: first definitions, aims, a brief history, necessity and principles of guiding and counseling children are put forth and then topics concerning the features of childhood period are covered so that educational officials and consulters can distinguish between their normal and anomalous behavior. After introducing methods of evaluating children, the role of different people in counseling children is discussed. In another part of the subject, tactics and schemes and theories of altering a child’s behavior and therefore, as a prerequisite, knowledge and treatment of their problems are addressed.

This book can be a help to consulters, psychotherapists, social workers, instructors, teachers, parents, and the students of psychology and educational sciences and psychiatric nursing and consulting and also for educational and training officials in charge.

There is a summary at the end of each chapter.

There are Latin references at the back of the book.

This book is compiled for the students of educational sciences as a textbook for a course in “Guiding and Consulting Children”.

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