Book Code: 831 / Major: Educational Sciences ,

Theories of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy

Author: Shokuh Navabi Nezhad, PhD.
Number of Pages: 168
Fourth Print: 2013 Published: 2004

The primary aim of this book is to familiarize students with various views of group counseling and psychotherapy. Basic concepts and features of each theory like goals and the process of treatment, the relation of the leader with other group members, and its special tactics and methods are discussed and analyzed.

After introducing topics on treatment factors, giving hope, generalization, imparting knowledge and theories of counseling and psychotherapy, eleven credible theories of group treatment showing effectual results are addressed. These theories include Psychodrama Approach, Group Treatment with a Psychoanalytic Approach, Group Treatment with a Behaviorist Approach, Group Treatment with a Patient-Centered Approach, Group Gestalt Treatment, Group Treatment with an Existential Approach, Group Reality Treatment, Group Treatment with an Interactive Analysis Approach, , Group Treatment with an Epistemological Approach, Group Treatment with “Comprehensive” or “Selective” Approach.

There is a summary at the end of each chapter.

There are references, Farsi-English glossary, and an index at the back of the book.

The present book is compiled for the students of Educational Sciences (Guiding and Counseling) as a textbook for a course in "Theories of Group Counseling and Psychotherapy".

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