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Civil Law; Persons and People with Legal Incapacity

Author: Seyyed Hossein Safai, PhD & Seyyed Morteza Ghasemzadeh, PhD
Number of Pages: 380
Fifteenth Print: 2009 Published: 1996

The purpose of law is indeed to regulate the lives of people. So, the discussion about the individuals ought to be the primary topic of civil law. In society, some are recognized as people with legal incapacity. That is, they lack the legal power to act independently and the legislative force must help them. To that end, some laws are passed which are explored in this book.

The book is in two parts of “persons” and “people with legal incapacity”. In the first part, the notion of “actual person”, “legal person”, “the laws of characters”, “the origination and termination of being”, and “the legal features of persons” are analyzed. In the second part, the concepts of legal capacity and legal incapacity, different categories of people with legal incapacity and the limits of their incapacity are explained. Moreover, in this part, some institutions which support people with legal incapacity especially custodianship along with legal articles related to them are discussed.

The final part of the book includes the bibliography, end-notes, index, a list of most important referenced laws, abbreviation.

The book is compiled for the BA students of Law for the course “civil law”.

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