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An Introduction to the Islamic Law

Author: The Research Institute of Hawzah and University
Number of Pages: 448
Third Print: 2002 Published: 1989

Since the territory of Islam is expanding every day, the Islamic system is in need of a wide range of laws to adjust the relation among Muslims and the religious minorities and other groups who live in an Islamic land.

The last divine legal system that influenced the systems of law all over the globe and attracted other nations’ interest has been the system of Islamic law. This system which is based on the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet of Islam, dominated a half of the world at that time in less than a period of hundred years, and different nations accepted it with enthusiasm, because it was notably superior to other legal systems working at that time. One of the characteristics of divine religions, especially Islam, is that their laws are given by God through revelations, and are announced to mankind by the Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Therefore, in the Islamic law and verdicts there have never been any borrowings from other legal systems.

In the introductory section following topics are addressed: the existence of the social, political and legal systems in the practices of the Prophet of Islam; the reasons behind the belatedness of the compilation of social, political and legal systems in Islam; jurisprudence in the practices of Imams; and the attitude of the West-stricken pseudo-intellectuals about the Islamic law and the reason for the negligence to the Islamic legal system. Then a short history of law; schools of law; basics and aims of law; human rights as the most important tenet of law in the West; legislation; and characteristics of Islamic law are provided.

References come at the end of the book.

This book is suggested as a textbook for the university students and professors of Islamic law.

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