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Laws of Commerce, Commercial Companies (vol. 1)

Author: Rabi’a Eskini, PhD.
Number of Pages: 316
Fourteenth Print: 2009 Published: 1996

This is an undeniable fact that a great part of economic operations are carried out by commercial companies because the use of these companies boosts the profits and guarantees privileges which are wanting in an individual activity; privileges such as access to greater capital and assortment of various expertise to achieve one shared goal. It also limits the authority of operative individuals in commerce. This is a good reason for not only individuals but also governments to conduct their economic activities through commercial companies.

The book “Commercial Companies” is compiled in three volumes. In the first and second volumes, private companies, limited companies, public and private stock companies are studied. In the third volume other companies will be introduced under the title of special companies.This volume is in three parts and twelve chapters. In the first part commercial companies are introduced; and the legal character of commercial companies; and different kinds of commercial companies are introduced. The second part deals with “Private Companies”. In the first section of this part first the common laws concerning the private companies are discussed and then company establishment and dissolution is argued. In the second section of this part, first different kinds of private companies, then companies limited by shares and companies limited by guarantee and Company Unlimited with no share capital are discussed. In the third part titled “limited company” covers the following issues consecutively: An introduction to limited companies; establishment of limited companies; maintenance of limited companies; and dissolution of limited companies.

The sources are at the back of the book.

This book is compiled for the students of law as a text book for the course in “laws of commerce”.

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