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Laws of Commerce, Commercial Companies (vol. 2)

Author: Rabi’a Eskini, PhD.
Number of Pages: 308
Sixteenth Print: 2014 Published: 1998

Stock company is the best example of capital companies and because the shares of the stock holders are easily transferable and the stock holders have a limited responsibility toward the third person (the creditors), it is reckoned to be a proper place for capitalization; for this reason against some predictions, such companies met with an enthusiastic reception in Iran. It is not therefore surprising to know that the rules concerning these companies have undergone more changes than any other kinds and it is obvious that the study of such ever changing rules requires a more rigorous attention, and it also occupies a greater space in this book.

This book is the second volume of the work titled “Laws of Commerce” which considers “companies with share capital”. In this volume there is an introduction to companies with shared capital; and then establishment of stock companies; stock of companies with shared capital; and dissolution of stock companies are also discussed.

There is Latin sources at the back of the book.

This book is compiled for the students of law as a textbook for the course in “Laws of Commerce”.

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