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Labor Law (1)

Author: Seyyed Ezatollah Araghi, PhD.
Number of Pages: 328
Tenth Print: 2014 Published: 2002

Labor law, just like any other legal principles, is founded on the relation between people with each other. Before the establishment of labor law, the relation between the employer and the laborer was determined by labor contract and this belief was rampant that the free selection of the terms of a contract was the best determinant of their relation. But since it is always the employer who imposes his will on the laborer due to owing capital and being aware of the need of his laborer, laws to support the laborers were gradually devised and made contracts abide by some special conditions.

The subject of labor law is not only the relation of the individuals; but beside this issue, a major part of it is concerned with communal relations as well.

The book is in two parts and seven chapters. In the first part titled “Principles and Sources of Labor Law” the following topics are addressed: subject; definition and characteristics of labor law; transformation of labor relations and the inception of labor law; and the sources of labor law. The second part is dedicated to “The Relation of an Employer to a Laborer”. In this part the topics below are covered: aspects of the relation between an employer and a laborer; labor contract and the establishment of employer-laborer relationships; the relation of labor to job security; and the termination of employer-laborer relationships.

There is Latin sources at the back of the book.

This book is compiled for the students of law as a textbook for the course in “labor law”.

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