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Civil Law and the Fatwas (Judicial Decrees) of Imam Khomeini, (vol. 2)

Author: Abdollah Kiani, PhD.
Number of Pages: 664
Third Print: 2011 Published: 2005

In affiliation with the institute of organizing and publishing Imam’s works The author in this book has made an attempt to collect fatwas and establish a relation between civil law and the fatwas of Imam Khomeini.

This book not only makes easy access to the fatwas of Imam and their comparison with civil laws, but also provides a effortless way of reference to other juridical sources and to a researcher this means saving time.

The basis of research in this book has been Imam Khomeini’s fatwas in his books Tahrir Al- Vasilah and Istifta’at.

The first part of the book is the continuation of the first volume discussing “Possessions”. In this part first the subject of “Preemptory Purchase” and then “Will and Bequest” are tackled with. In the next part, “Different Laws” are put forward. Another issue covered in this part is “Individuals”, on which is first given a general introduction and then the following aspects are discussed consecutively: “Citizenship”; documents of birth certification; place of residence; missing person; kinship; marriage, dissolution of nuptial vows, and divorce; children; family; stone and guardianship. The last part of the book deals with “Proofs of Litigation”. In this part the topics below are dealt with: confession (conditions and influences of confession); documents; testimony (cases and conditions of testimony); buildings; and shares.

This book which is compiled in two volumes and three chapters can be a source of reference for judges and lawyers as well as a guide in finding and inducing injunctions. It is also useful in conducting research and writing on law.

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