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The Laws of the Private Sphere

Author: Bagher Ansari, PhD.
Number of Pages: 360
<#f:260/> Published: 2007

One of the transformations is the recognition of Personal Identityand laws and liberties related to that. In the contemporary society, man is endowed with an identity and existence separate from the general surveillance, which includes inherent laws and liberties. This autonomous identity can determine the mode and quality of its relation to the society and the government, and define a private sphere for itself protected from the assault of the society and the government.

Besides theoretical transformations, scientific and technical renovations have been influential in the recently attributed significance to private sphere. For instance, many video cameras in different governmental institutes control the deeds and manners of the clerks and the customers.

There is this worry that such the intentional or unintentional collection of such information and documents might be abused and threaten the life of targeted individuals.

Concerning the threat that exists against the private sphere from the ordinary people, private sector and the government, the need to protect this sphere is intensely felt.

The present book, on its mission to inform the audience about the laws of the private sphere, is organized in three parts and twelve chapters. In the first part titled Theoretical Bases of Private Sphere, the definition of Private Sphere; Base and identity of the Law of the Private Sphere; Supporting the Private Sphere in International documents; and the Private Sphere in Islamic Laws are studied. The second part discusses A Comparative Study of the Private Sphere on the Basis of Contemporary Transformations. In this part the private sphere in other foreign countries such as England, France, Germany, Belgium, Swiss, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Turkey, India and South Korea along with the issue of supporting the Private Sphere in the Iranian legal system are addressed. In the third part titled The Issues of the Private Sphere, the personal and familial privacy; the physical privacy; the private sphere of workers and job seekers, the Private Sphere in media activities, the sphere of private information, and the sphere of private communications are covered.

The draft of the bill approved in support of the private sphere along with the Latin and Farsi sources are at the back of the book.


The present book is compiled for the students of Law and Communicational Sciences as a primary textbook.

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