Book Code: 303 / Major: Law ,

An Introduction to Essential Law

Author: Seminary and University Research Center
Number of Pages: 252
- Published: 1998

The people-government relation is a major course of study shared between the law and political sciences academic majors. It is typically discussed and reviewed as essential law. They are deeply under the influence of beliefs, virtues and ideals in any community or nation, among which the religious beliefs and ideas are of high significance.

Among the Abraham religions, Islam, more than any other religion, seems to take into account the social relations and particularly the relation between the people and the government. But, since this association is sporadically referred to in Quranic verses and traditions, it is inevitable to carry out more research in this regard and also extract the constituent elements of this view and present it in an organized framework while covering achievements in law and political sciences.

The present book is presented in two main chapters and five sections. In the 'generalities' section, the status of essential law in the categorization of sciences as well as concepts and terms of essential law has been discussed. The second chapter, under the title of 'government elements', reviews two topics of population and the administration.

The references are brought in the final section.

The book is provided for the students of 'Law' and 'Political Sciences'.

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