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Foreign Policy of Islamic Republic of Iran

Author: Seyed Jalal Dehqani Firouzabadi, PhD.
Number of Pages: 540
Fifth Print: 2013 Published: 2009

Foreign policy is the most critical aspect in the sociopolitical beings of nations and countries, since their existence and survival are totally dependent on their foreign policy. Subsequently, one of the mental preoccupations in scientific and academic milieu seems to be the efforts made to understand the nature and performance of foreign policy of different countries.

The research field in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran indicated considerable development. Within the last three decades, a new rather extensive language has been created to analyze and express the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The objective for which this book has been written is to express and discuss the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy in a scientific and methodological approach and in the form of an educational text. Therefore, on one hand and based on the principles utilized to compile a course book, it is attempted to make a better use of the literature currently used in foreign policy studies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the meantime, the scientific findings and data collected from other scholars, authors, and analysts in Iran's foreign policy served a more conspicuous role in compiling the present book. On the other hand, great efforts were made to provide a more distinctive text through processing the existing data in a theoretical and abstract multi-variable framework.

In this line, the book is presented in two sections and nine chapters. The first section, organized in five chapters, specifically discusses and reviews the theoretical concepts, general principles, objectives, strategy and resources of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The second section, with four chapters, talks about the different periods and developments of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran within the last 30 years. In this part of the book, durability and development in Iran's foreign policy has been investigated based on discussions in previous chapters.

The final section includes the list of Latin references.

This book is prepared for the students of political sciences as the main textbook for the course 'Foreign Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran'.

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