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A History of the Transformations of Government in Islam and Iran

Author: Ebrahim Barzegar, PhD.
Number of Pages: 288
Tenth Print: 2014 Published: 2004

By studying this book the reader can grasp a general picture of the transformations of governments over a span of fourteen centuries, and follow their past and present trajectories, and subsequently find a broader perspective in prospect.

This book provides answers to a multiple set of questions as follows: what process has government been through in Islam and Iran? What has been added to the existing practices in the periods of the Arabs, the Iranians, the Turks and the Mongolsrule? How the relation between three Muslim groups of Arabs, Iranians and Turks has been and in what way the dialectic of thoughts and realities has been affected? How governments dissolve? What are the processes of governmental dissolution?

After the Introduction, there are eight chapters to the book. In these chapters the following topics are considered consecutively; some general notions about governments, Islamic government, the three branches of the government, etc; solutions and suitable theories; the political structure of the pagan state of the Arabs before Islam; the structure of the prophetic government; the structure of the Rashidin CaliphsGovernment; The structure of the Umayyad government; the structure of the Abbasids government; An introduction to theorizing and developing a conceptual framework.

The book includes charts.

In the appendix the family tree of the Quraysh caliphates and their familial and tribal relations up to the tenth century, and that of the Umayyad dynasty and the Abbasid caliphates of the first to the fourth ages has been added.

References and a list of names and terminologies come at the end of the book.


This book has been compiled as a course book on the subject of A History of the Transformations of Governments in Islamfor the BS students of Political Sciences, and as a secondary source for the courses in political thought in Islamand political system and government in Islam.

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