Book Code: 339 / Major: Political Sciences ,

Political Ideas in Islam and Iran

Author: Hatam Ghaderi, PhD.
Number of Pages: 264
Twelfth Print: 2013 Published: 1999

The course in political thought in Iran and Islamis planned for the familiarity of the university students and researchers with the transformations of political ideas and thought of political thinkers in Islam.

The book is in five parts and seventeen chapters. In the first chapter titled theories of political systemsissues of Caliphate, Imamate, political system of Shiah and Khavarij are discussed. In the second part political ideas of the Sunni scholars, like Mavirdi and Al-Ghazali, and also the problem of theorizing in the absence of the caliphate are addressed. In the third part statesmanship and political tract writingfocus on political tract and Khaje Nezam Al-Molk. In the fourth part the political-social philosophyof Al-Farabi, Avicenna, Khaje Nasiriddin Tusi, ibn Khaldun, and political philosophy in Islamic Spain are covered. In the fifth part titled On decadence and revival, the work delves into the reasons behind the internal decay and the relation between tradition and modernity; revival and the problem of dictatorship; abolishment of the caliphate; caliphate in the absence of the Infallible Imams; and Iran and the Constitution.

The Persian and Latin sources are at the book end.

This book is compiled for the BA students of political sciences and history as a textbook for the course in Political Ideas in Islam and Iran.

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