Book Code: 1213 / Major: Philosophy&Rhetoric ,

Philosophy of Illumination (Ishraq)

Author: Hassan Mo’alemi, PhD
Number of Pages: 168
- Published: 2008

Philosophy of Ishraq is the intermediate stage between the Peripatetic (Masha) philosophy and transcendentalism. It is both reformation and groundwork; it reforms the Masha philosophy and lays the groundwork for the transcendentalism.
Ishraq Philosophy just like its preceding philosophies aims at the presentation of an orderly cosmos with its hierarchies in which every creature has its own determined sphere of existence. It specifically endeavors to give an account of the place of Man in this system and does so through methods of Ishraq and logical reasoning.
The impressionability of Islamic philosophies from the Quran and the tradition of the twelve inerrant Imams, is in full show in the Ishraq philosophy; even the evolution of the Islamic philosophy is easily discernable in it.
The book is organized into four chapters. The following topics are consecutively addressed: The Ishraq Philosophy, The critics of the Sheikh al'Ishraq on Masha Philosophy, epistemology of the Ishraq Philosophy, Ontology of the Ishraq Philosophy.
At the end of each chapter there are summaries, reviews and questions on the themes explored.
The bibliography is at the back of the book.
This book is compiled for the BA students of Theology and Islamic wisdom studying the branch of Islamic philosophy and wisdom and also MA students of western philosophy as the major sourcebook for the course in “Ishraq Philosophy”.

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