Book Code: 573 / Major: Philosophy&Rhetoric ,

Review of the Modern Rhetoric

Author: Mohammad Mohammadrezaei and Others
Number of Pages: 404
- Published: 2002

Published in affiliation with the research group of the University of Qom In this work there is a collection of ten articles which are seemingly autonomous, but all are composed round the issue of the modern rhetoric. In the first article, “The Logic of Order”, the characteristics of an orderly system, and the views of Hume and Kant are discussed. The second article deals with “accumulative reasoning” or the application of different methods of reasoning all of which follow the same purpose. The third article studies the concordance of divine knowledge with human free will, and in the fourth article miracle and its possibility along with Hume’s critiques are covered. In the fifth and sixth articles the relation of faith to rationality and interpretation of religious experiences are dealt with. The last four articles study the origin of religion, religious language, the dialogue of religion and science, and resurrection of souls.

In addition to views of philosophers, the writers elaborate on the ideas of some Western philosophers such as Hume, Kant, August Comte, Durkheim, Freud, Marx, Otto, and Iliade are cases in point. Each article is written by a distinguished writer. The sources are listed at the end of each chapter.

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