Book Code: 15 / Major: Philosophy&Rhetoric ,

Islamic Sciences (1 & 2)

Author: A Group of Authors
Number of Pages: 334
Thirtieth Print: 2013 Published: 1997

Through studying the human sciences, students and ordinary people find an opportunity, on one hand, to live a more convenient life in this world through better understanding their surrounding environment, and on the other hand, to better communicate with the world through realizing their human identity. To achieve this goal, the academic educational system has provided some courses, one important of which is the Islamic teaching course.

Some main issues raised and discussed in this book are outlined as the worldview, demonstration of possibility and necessity, movement of substances, argumentation of order, way of nature; Divine attributes, the Divine justice; constraint and free will; God-seeking motive; the philosophy of prophecy; the miracle of the Holy Quran, leadership of infallible Imams, Islamic government, and resurrection.

This book is compiled as the main textbook for the course ‘Islamic Sciences (1&2)’.

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