Book Code: 1038 / Major: Islamic History&Civilization ,

The Messenger of Mercy

Author: Seyyed Ali Mirsharifi
Number of Pages: 264
- Published: 2006

After a brief introduction of the Arab Island at the time of the inception of Islam, in different contexts of geography, economics, politics, society, religion and culture, the biography of the Holy Prophet of Islam is recounted from the time of birth to death, with references to the Quranic verses. Emigration to Abyssinia, marriage with Khadijeh, the epic of She’b, Aqabah allegiance, the battle of Ohod, and the last pilgrimage to Mecca (Haji Al-Vida) are some of the issues addressed in the book.

The sources are at the back of the book. This book has been compiled for university students, as a text book for the course in “History of Islam.

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