Book Code: 746 / Major: Islamic History&Civilization ,

The Historical Geography of Islamic Countries (2)

Author: Hossein Qarchanlou, PhD
Number of Pages: 592
Second Print: 2012 Published: 2003

This book is an attempt to make students familiar with the historical geography of the Islamic world. It has been attempted to make use of the most ancient sources and references available.

In the second chapter, which specifically deals with geographical issues, an introduction is given for each section followed by an explanation about the center and other cities within that geographical region. Based on the books, encyclopedias, and geographical atlases, the opening of each section begins with some information concerning the current status of the region. The contents of the book cover issues up to the end of the ninth century after Islam.

This volume follows the second part of the first volume and is presented in six chapters, within which subjects like some issues regarding Shamat (old Syria); Egypt; beyond Egypt; Morocco; Mediterranean Sea islands; and Andalusia are discussed in order. The book is furnished by colorful drawings and maps. The final section includes list of persons, list of geographical places, and references.

This book along with its other volumes is compiled for students of theology (history and civilization minor) in Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees.

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