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Developmental Psychology with an Islamic View (1)

Author: Hawzah and the University research Institute
Number of Pages: 536
<#f:260/> Published: 1995

In this book an attempt has been made to clarify the key principles and issues in the developmental psychology and alongside to shed light on the Islamic attitude to the same topic. One of the significant characteristics of this book is to discuss the Islamic view with close attention to details.

The book is in five parts and fourteen chapters. In the first chapter a history of the developmental psychology, principles of the developmental psychology, principles of development, and methods of research in the developmental psychology are put forth. In the second part titled “influential factors in development” biological development; environmental development; the interaction of the environment and heredity; and the intentional self- development are discussed. The third chapter deals with the issue of “pre-natal and infantile development”. In the fourth chapter “physical and motor development” is addressed. The fifth chapter is exclusively concerned with “emotional development”. In this chapter, first, some general points about emotional development and then the development of different emotional like xenophobia, anxiety, jealousy, anger and aggression are discussed.

There are images and tables in the book. The sources and the word lists in Latin and Farsi are at the back of the book. The present book is compiled for the students of Behavioral Studies and Psychology as the text book for the course “Developmental Psychology”.

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