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Social Psychology with a Look at Islamic Sources

Author: A joint effort, in affiliation with Research Institute of Hawzah and University
Number of Pages: 616
Third print: 1387/2008 First print: 1382/2003

The joint publication of SAMT Organization and the Research Institute of Howzah and University Doubtless social psychology as a field in humanities is strongly tinged with cultural concerns; thus making use of the rich Islamic knowledge-which either descriptively or didactically remind us about human psychological realities which are founded on divine principles and a priories-is unavoidable if we are to make native humanities. Moreover, making understandable the theoretical models derived from religious sources is a necessary step to be taken toward achieving a school of psychology based on Islamic principles.

In the scientific study of social psychology, the main structure of the book is borrowed from the book “Social Psychology” written by Robert A. Baron and Donn R. Byrne in whose approach there is a focus on endowing coherence on different issues in social psychology. In the Islamic domain, apposite and analogous components of each chapter are extracted from creditable sources and texts (such as the Quranic verses, Hadiths and in some cases the books written by Islamic scholars) and after interpretation and analysis, are incorporated in the topic.

The book is in eleven chapters. The first five chapters are theoretical discussions of social psychology and the remaining chapters adopt a more practical approach to the subject. In the chapter dealing with generalities the following issues are addressed: what is Social psychology? ; A history of Social psychology; and methods of research in Social psychology. From the second chapter to the end of the eleventh one the topics bellow are argued: social understanding; social knowledge; attitude; pre-judgment; intra-individual attractions; aggression; supportive behavior; social influence; group dynamism; and new methods of research in the field of Social psychology.

There are Latin and Farsi sources and a glossary at the back of the book. There is also an index of subjects, names, and Verses and Hadiths appended. This book is suggested as a course book for the students of psychology and educational sciences. 

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