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Schools of Psychology and their Critique (vol. 2)

Author: The Research Institute of Hawzah and University
Number of Pages: 552
Forth Print: 2005 Published: 1993

This book attempts to explain, in detail, the basics and key arguments in the field of psychology. First, each school is introduced; then, the psychologists’ opinions about the weak and powerful points the schools are put forth; and finally, each is analyzed separately.

The present book is the second volume of Schools of Psychology and their Critique which in three parts and ten chapters studies three other schools of psychology. In the first part, “Behaviorism” is analyzed. In this part major procedures leading to the development of behaviorism, tents of Watson’s behaviorism, behaviorism after its foundation and the critique of behaviorism are discussed. The second part under the title of “Gestalt psychology” inspects the Gestalt theory and the represents the critique of Gestalt psychology. The third part is allocated to the “Humanist psychology”. In this part phenomenology, existential psychology, humanism and the critique of humanist school are debated.

Each chapter has the list of its sources included at the end of it.

The closing part of the book comprises the English-Farsi glossary.

This book has been written for the students of higher education.

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