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Introduction to the Sciences of the Quran

The present book is an abridged translation of Ayatollah Mohammad Hadi Marifats magnum opus, al-Tamhid fi Ulum al-Quran (Introduction to the Sciences of the Quran) which is arguably an indispensible contemporary contribution to the Qur’anic studies. It is an example of a good academic endeavour addressing many critical issues about the Qur’an and its history in an unprejudiced manner. Its critical approach and cross-dimensional and denominational analyses makes it stand out as an example of a work which can form a bridge between the classic and the modern perspectives in the field. “A fascinating glimpse into contemporary understandings of the Qur’anic sciences by a most prominent specialist in the field. Perhaps especially noteworthy for the non-Muslim reader is the Ayatollah Ma’rifat’s emphasis on the orality of the Qur’an. Altogether a most welcome addition to the growing body of Shi’I materials available in English. ” Dr. Andrew J Newman, University of Edinburgh, UK “A very useful text, presenting with great clarity a range of responses to important issues by a leading authority from the Shi’a intellectual world. The translation is fluent and presents accurately the flavor of the cultural world from which it emanates. ” Professor Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky, US

11:17 - 10/03/2014

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